Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What age can kids play soccer? 

EOSAY offeres fall recreational programs for kids 4-12 years old and competitive programs for kids in middle school grades.


What are the age breakdowns for each division?
U6 - 4 and 5 (by July 31)
U8 - 6 and 7 (by July 31)
U10 - 8 and 9 (by July 31)
U13 - 10, 11, 12 (by July 31)


Can players play "up" in age or "down"?
A player may play in the next older division only upon request of the parent/guardian AND approval by Board. No player may play in the next lower division.

How do I know a game is cancelled due to weather?

Cancellations will be posted through RainedOut and messages to coaches as soon as possible. Also check the EOSAY website and Facebook.
Sign up for alerts through RainedOut here:


Where are EOSAY games played? 

All EOSAY games are played at the Beech Grove Fields located south of Cambridge Wal-Mart on Whitaker Rd. 


Where are Crossroads Middle School games played?

Home games are played at Cambridge High School's soccer field.  


When are EOSAY games played? 

Recreational games are played each Sunday during the Fall season.


When are practices? 

Recreational practice times will be selected by individual coaches. Please see the schedule tab.


How long are practices?
  • U6 practices no more than 45 minutes once per week
  • U8 practices no more than 60 minutes once per week
  • U10 practices no more than 75 minutes once per week
  • U13 practices no more than 90 minutes once per week or 2 sessions of 60 minutes each.
  • Note: because of space limitations and the number of teams, teams may need to share the field by training on seperate halves (especially U13 teams who schedule two sessions per week). Teams are free to scrimmage as part of a training session and/or practice together.

How often do they practice? 

Receation Teams may practice twice a week until games begin, then only once a week. U13 may hold 2 60 minute sessions or one per week in season.


How long are the games?
  • U6 games are 32 minutes, divided into 4, 8-minute quarters. No referees; coaches monitor game and keep time.
  • U8 games are 40 minutes, divided into 4, 10-minute quarters. Referee on the field.
  • U10 games are 48 minutes, divided into 4, 12-minute quarters. Referees on field.
  • U13 games are 60 minutes, divided into 2, 30-minute halves. Referees on field.

What equipment does my child need to play?
  • Shin-guards are mandatory and must be covered entirely by socks during games.
  • Soccer cleats or gym shoes should be worn, no football shoes with a cleat under the front of the toe.
  • Soccer ball of appropriate size.

Which ball size does my child need?
  • U6 and U8 teams use size 3 ball
  • U10 and U13 teams use size 4 ball
  • In the past U13 teams used a size 5 ball, but we have very few 12 year olds playing with us and 10-11 year olds should be using a size 4 ball.

Will my child get a uniform? 

Yes, each player will receive a complete kit which includes jersey, shorts, and socks.


Is there something my child should not wear?
  • shin-guards with exposed sharp edges;
  • jewelry or watches including ear rings;
  • helmets of hard material;
  • any type of cast or splint (other than inflated “air” casts);
  • knee brace(s) – unless wrapped and covered with soft padding and approved by the referee;
  • cleats with sharp or jagged edges;
  • foreign objects in the mouth (such as gum or ice), other than internal orthodontic devices.

Is there a rule book for this game? 

Absolutely, and here is the link to the SAY Soccer Rule Book

and to the FIFA International Laws of the Game:


Who do I call with questions? 

You may contact any board member with questions or send e-mail to easternohiosay@gmail.com.


Can adults play too? 

Sure, there is a regular pick up game for those adults who wish to get in on the action, e-mail Ben Cahoon for more info,bencahoon@gmail.com.