Tournament Teams
Tournament Teams
Starting in 2015, EOSAY has crafted a process for selection of players to tournaments.

EOSAY Tournament Team Selection Process
Our basic policy as a youth recreational soccer organization is that all children are welcome to play. We emphasize fun, skill development, building positive ideals, and work to generate a love and respect for the game of soccer.

We also recognize that there is a growing desire for a second level of competition in local tournaments. Since it is not practicable to enter all teams, EOSAY will use the following process to select players for tournament teams.

Only players in U8, U10, and U13 are eligible for tournaments.

Tournament practices must not take priority over or interfere with regular season practices.

The primary candidates for selection are those that demonstrate not only a high level of skill for that age group, but also those that exhibit traits of honesty, fair play, coachability, positive attitude, hustle, and leadership. Indeed, the latter set of skills must be present for any tournament team player nominated – skill alone is not enough. These players represent the entire EOSAY organization and should exhibit good character as well as skill during the season and during any tournament.

Similarly, any coach in charge of a tournament team must encourage and exhibit these traits as well. Coaches who emphasize winning at all costs, who berate players, other coaches, or referees shall not be eligible to coach tournament teams – and may not be allowed to coach in the regular season either.

Tournament Coaches
Coaches who desire to become a Tournament coach must fill out an application and have it approved by the Director of Coaching. In the case of a dispute, EOSAY Board President has the final say. If the Director of Coaching desires to coach, the Board President will review the application. Tournament coaches will be chosen before the season begins.

Player Selection Process
Each coach will nominate her or his top three players for consideration on a tournament team. Those nominations must be forwarded to a Board Member (or Tournament Subcommittee member) or Tournament coach by the end of the second game of the season and must be kept confidential.  During the first two games of the season and/or at practice sessions, Board Members (or those selected as Tournament Subcommittee) and Tournament coaches should observe players in order to then make final selections.

Team Formation
At the end of the second game of the season and before the next game, the Tournament coaches and Board Members/Subcommittee should meet to select and form the Tournament teams. Keeping in mind that the focus should be on selecting those players that exhibit outstanding game skills, leadership and sportsmanship, Tournament coaches should try to include at least one player from each team if at all possible, and this should be a factor in making close calls.
If there are not enough nominations to create a Tournament team in a division, or if there are too many for one and at least half among the nominations for a second team, Tournament coaches and Board members/Subcommittee can nominate players to fill these rosters, which may include asking season coaches for more nominations. This will depend on the number of teams eligible for any given tournament as well as any limitations on roster size.
If there is more than one Tournament team in a division, the Board and Tournament coaches should form their teams based on an equity system -- whether by a draft or otherwise -- to ensure equal talent across teams. In other words, there should be no “A” team and “B” team.
Those players nominated, but not chosen for a Tournament team shall be kept as alternates.
Once the players are selected, the Tournament coaches should notify the parents of their child’s selection. A roster of Tournament players should be provided to the other coaches in the division so they know who was or was not selected as a Tournament player from their teams. If for any reason a chosen player cannot play on a Tournament team, Tournament coaches and Board members shall replace that player with one from the list of alternates, choosing players who received the next highest number of nominations/evaluation and so on.
Tournament coaches are required to play every player at least one-half of each tournament game. EOSAY does not want to frustrate these players chosen for a tournament by selecting them for a team and then having them play less than one-half of each game. Coaches and Board members should keep this factor in mind when determining the size of the rosters.
Parents of Tournament players are responsible for paying the additional fee for tournament play. This will cover costs associated with entry, and a tournament jersey/t-shirt for those games.
The selection results (number of votes, selection order, etc.) are strictly confidential.